Fasade Ceiling Suspended Installation Guide

2' x 2' & 2' x 4' Lay-In Ceiling Panels

Suspended Panels

READ this entire installation guide before beginning your installation

Tools and Items You Will Need:

Tools required

Installation Tip

Tip: To eliminate sound transfer and to prevent sagging, we suggest that the Fasade panels be installed underneath a mineral board ceiling tile or some other material to weigh the panel down. You may consider purchasing an economical lay-in mineral board ceiling tile for this purpose. This is not a requirement, just a suggestion. Please see Steps 3 and 4 below for specific installation details.


  1. Determine the number of tiles required. When installing in an existing suspended ceiling grid, count the number of whole panels and border panels needed. If installing a new grid system, perform the same count from your grid layout plan. The deep indentations in the Traditional 3 & 5, Art Deco, Rosette, Coffer and Dome styles prevent them from being cut in the middle properly and are not recommended to be used as a border panel. Accordingly, these styles look best when the Hammered or Flat Panel style panels are used on the perimeter of the room. All other styles can be cut and used as a border fill panel. See for more information.
  2. If installing ceiling grid covers. Install the ceiling grid covers prior to installing the ceiling panels. Consult GridMAX® installation guide for the necessary steps. (GridMAX® installation information can be found at:
  3. Installing the border panels. Measure the distance from the center of the T-Bar to the closest edge of the wall molding. Measure and cut panel to this size. Tilt on an angle and insert the new tile underneath the existing ceiling panel. When installing the panels, and if using mineral board as stated above, place small amounts of Loctite® PL Premium or Premium Fast Grab adhesive on the back side of the Fasade panel to reduce sag.
  4. Installing full panels. Working across the room, install the full panels using the same technique. When installing the panels, and if using mineral board as stated above in the installation tip, place small amounts of adhesive on the back side of the Fasade panel to reduce sag.
  5. Clean up. Once you have your ceiling installed, the panels can be cleaned with warm, soapy water.

CAUTION: Even though these panels are "Class A" fire rated, they can be deformed with excessive heat. Never expose to heat over 140° F.

Never use abrasive materials such as scouring pads to clean surface; use only a soft cloth or sponge with mild soap and water.